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MN NWTF Support of 4H and MOHA
MN State NWTF Chapter donates yearly $ 5000.00 to the 4-H Shooting and Wildlife program. MN NWTF also donates yearly to MOHA
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Park Rapids Firebreaks Project
We have received the $4600.00 check that your organization has issued, thank you. Attached is a photo of your local NWTF representatives and our staff with the check. Left to right, Rob Naplin (Area Wildlife Supervisor), Russ Johnsrud (Tall Pine Toms-CPL Grant Project Manager), Armin Hawkin (Tall Pine Tom’s-Chapter President) and Tom Stursa (Area Wildlife Technician). The check will be deposited in the MNDNR Park Rapids Area “Gift Account” and will be put to work constructing firebreaks and completing prescribed burns. Once again thank you! Tom Stursa Area Wildlife Technician
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2013 Attends National Leadership Conference
36 MN volunteers attend Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt Leadership Conference at National Headquarters Edgefield SC
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2013 Calls
2013 State banquet had over 90 calls for judging. This was the largest competition at the State Banquet so far.
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2013 State Convention
Tiffany Shindeldecker and Wayne Weiner were both awarded the NWTF State Presidential Award by NWTF State Chapter President Dick Snyder at the 2013 NWTF State Convention at the Arrowwood Resort and Convention Center in Alexandria, Mn.
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2013 Welcome Party
Olympic Theme at Welcome Party
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4H Jakes Shooting and Fun Yay
On June 6th 2013 Hubbard County 4H partnered with the NWTF North Central Gobblers for a Fun Day and Jakes Shooting Event with the use of the Jakes Take Aim Trailer. The Shooting Range was the highlight of the day, with many of the kids wanting to shoot more than once which was great. The 4H Staff and the kids were great Hosts to my wife Terry and I, and also shared lunch with us. We had so much fun watching these young people have so much fun, and the smiles were worth a million bucks. The fun part was when everyone asked if we could come back for a retake next year. How could we pass that invitation up. We can't! Richard Martin
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Additional Photos From Edgefrield Leadership Conference
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Arrowood Resort
Your 2013 MN State Chapter Banquet
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Jakes Party at the NWTF State Convention
Tanna Stucky and her helpers did a fantastic job with entertaining our young people.
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Minnesota Northwest Sportshow
Picture from the Northwest Sportshow pictures
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Mission Statement includes family participation
NWTF has programs to involve the whole family
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National Leadership Conference
36 MN volunteers attend Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt Leadership Conference at National Headquarters Edgefield SC
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NWTF State Calling Contest Judges
The Judges here are making their final tallies before the awards are placed.
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Quaker Boy Calls Chris Kirby
Chris Kirby keynote speaker at the MN NWTF State Banquet with a chapter member.
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Red Phase
Shot on May 9, 2005 by Dan Hansen 21.4 lbs, 1.5" spurs, 10" Beard This bird is commonly called a (Red Phase) bird.
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Registration Deck at the State Convention
Featured here is our State Chapter Vice President Wayne Weiner and Rod Brasel who takes care of the State Chapter fall Raffle and Wito North and the Northern Road Rally.
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Roosting Gobblers
5 longbeards survive harsh winter; the wild turkey can suvive -40 F and remain in the roost up to 14 days.
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Veterans Awards
Veterans were lined up to receive their Veterans Award Pins for their Service to our Country during the 2013 NWTF Convention. The NWTF's dedication to the Veterans of our Great Nation is a powerful example of Patriotism.
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